Today, responsive email is the only email. Gone are the days of fixed-width emails. Image-only emails and scaled, non-responsive emails don’t convert. If you don't have well-written, up-to-date, responsive email code, you’ll lose opportunities. My celebrated expertise in HTML email coding can get your message in front of more people, looking exactly how you want it to look.

I can hand-code your PSD or Sketch file into a responsive email. Whether you need a standalone email, a template, or a dynamic modular system, it will look the best it can in all 46 major email clients with my fully tested code.

Email coding is a fast-paced world that frequently changes without warning, so your code might work one day and not the next. I stay up to date with all the goings-on in the email-verse, so my code is always current.


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What Sets Emails Y'all Apart

Hand-Coded Customization

I hand-code every email. Your design will be replicated to near pixel-perfection into an optimized email with the close attention to detail that distinguishes a true expert in email coding.

Fluid/Hybrid Method

I develop emails using the fluid/hybrid method. This way of coding allows each email to display a mobile view in mobile email clients that would normally scale down your design to small and unreadable. This method provides a better mobile experience for all of your subscribers.

Testing In 46 Email Clients

Just because your email looks great in one email client doesn't mean that it will look that way in every email client used by your subscriber base. Your emails need to look spectacular everywhere, and the only way to ensure that is by testing in every major email client. View a list of the email clients for which I test.

Email Best Practices

As a well-respected thought leader in email development, I stay current with best practices. I learn from and contribute to the email developer hive mind daily, so my code exceed benchmarks.

Dynamic Content

You don't have to build multiple versions of an email. I can expedite your development cycle by setting up content that can change based on subscriber profiles with Ampscript, Zephyr, or other scripting ESP-specific languages.


Surprise and delight your subscribers with hover states! I can code many parts of your email to change colors, fade, replace images, or animate when a cursor hovers over them. Make your email stand out from the rest with elegantly placed interactivity.


Personalization techniques have been proven to increase subscriber interaction. No matter what email service provider you use, I can assist with any degree of personalization, from first names to entire modules.

Retina Images

I save all my images at double the size they will appear in the email. Doing this produces an extra sharp image for retina-enabled devices. Just one more step in my dedication to the coding for the best possible look for your email.

Email Service Providers

I have in-depth knowledge of the following ESPs and their specific languages: Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Sailthru, Hubspot, Pardot, Sendgrid, Marketo, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) a.k.a. ExactTarget.

Modular Design System

Modules are like fashion plates: Stack modules in any order to create a myriad of layouts! I can make any design into a modular template.

Background Images

Background images are possible in almost every email client — even Outlook! You can also have different images for desktop and mobile versions. I fully comment my code so that you can easily replace a background image in your email.

Multi-language support

I have worked with many brands whose emails require multiple languages. I can make necessary modifications to your email to support additional languages without impacting the overall design.


Latest Project

Famous Footwear Rewards Welcome Series

This email series is part of the Famous Footwear Rewards Welcome journey. I wrote a ton of Ampscript for the header that cross-referenced multiple data extensions to display the customer's name, membership status, and one of 17 sentences based on the customer's rewards points status. Ampscript was also used to determine dynamic content for each customer. As always, these emails are coded with the fluid/hybrid method that allows side-by-side desktop sections to stack on top of each other in mobile, even in email clients that don't respect media queries.

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